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Commitment To Your Satisfaction

Our Story

One of the oldest clichés that all businesses like to use is "we treat you like family", but what does this truly mean? For owner Marcus Altan, it means that when you email Marcus Julian, you receive a response direct from Marcus in a timely manner. It means that should you ever have any issues with a purchase, he will work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction. It means that he promises to provide the best value possible and never take advantage of his customers. This is how you treat family, this is how Marcus Julian aims to treat all our customers. 

The vision of Marcus Julian began with a few simple ideas: treat our customers as we would our family, provide a trustworthy and comfortable shopping experience, and give value which the competition could not match. Throughout his career, these tenets have not wavered and have driven owner Marcus forward. 

With over 30 years experience in New York City's famed Diamond District on 47th Street, Marcus has built strong relationships and developed specialized expertise to serve all our customer needs. We are proud to now bring the big city shopping experience online and to the comfort of your home.  We hope that you will join the many loyal customers that have experienced our commitment to their satisfaction and continue to follow us on our journey today.

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